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About DSSW

Design Sources Southwest is a full-service website design, implementation, and hosting service headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. The company began operation in 1996 and incorporated in 1997.

In early years, DSSW provided internet presence for associations, organizations, cooperatives, and collectives of businesses and special interest groups--at little to no expense to the association. How did DSSW do it? We marketed our services to association members, developed their websites and home pages, and escrowed a portion of all contracted services for development of the association's website.

Our mission was and remains to represent a wide variety of design sources in the Southwest, hence our name. And we have developed a marketing plan and pricing structure to appeal to everyone from starving artists to corporate entities. We want to appeal especially to clients in the design arts--i.e., architecture, graphic design, interior design, fine arts, furniture and antiques, building trades and services, home arts and crafts.

In recent years, the focus of DSSW has grown to encompass villages, municipalities, museums, artists, magazines, and even e-commerce clients. We have shopping cart solutions, programming and database expertise--all while maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal in design.

DSSW was founded by Michael Finch and Skip VanWyk, both trained in visual arts, architecture, and interior design. Skip is a software engineer by training as well, and is the webmaster, specializing in database applications for the internet.

If our services appeal to you, contact us to promote your association interests and members. We can meet to discuss your needs, prepare a proposal, and have your organization online in no time. Questions?  Drop us email! We look forward to working with you!

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